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“As someone whose work ethic matches their ambition, I didn’t realize I even needed a coach. However, after talking with Ryan, it became clear that I was not fully optimizing my time. From Day 1, Ryan provided me with systems that drastically changed the way I work. I went from feeling like there’s too much to do and too little time…to totally gaining control of my time and productivity. With my new routine, I’ve even been able to take on a major side project that I’ve been wanting to do for years and yet could never find the time. With Coach Ryan, I’m in beast mode!”
Angie Jones

“I approached Ryan because I tried community and group coaching and it didn’t work. I was frustrated and stuck on how to move forward. I didn’t get my questions answered or have a suitable sounding board when situations came up. Ryan helped me by reminding me that I have nothing to fear. I needed to trust myself more. I’ve handled the current situation before and been successful. He helps me plan for rest and do-nothing days without guilt! Now, I’m more self aware of when I need help, what help I need and better at making an actionable plan forward with so much less stress.

I’m attracting paid opportunities with a clear mind. One thing I like is how he quickly processes a situation and calls a spade a spade. His GIFs game is pretty spot on which helps me stop overthinking the simple stuff. I found the experience of sharing my wins of the week rewarding. It’s easier to tell myself I’ve done a good job as I’ve become more comfortable sharing these wins with him.

I would recommend Ryan to people who need a truth teller. Ryan won’t hold back while giving you the guidance you need to get unstuck.”

Dr. Brandeis Marshall

“I approached Ryan because I heard great things about him from people I highly respect. Until then, I thought I didn’t need a coach because I had achieved all of my business goals on my own. But I also knew that I had become a workaholic, and I had been struggling for months to break the habit of working all the time. Ryan helped me reprioritize things and showed me that spending time away from my business makes me more productive and successful. As a result, I still achieve my business goals while taking days off, working much fewer hours, and having more time for family and hobbies.

I would recommend Ryan to people who want to reevaluate their priorities and need to break habits and mental barriers to achieve their goals.”

Thorben Janssen

“I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have Ryan as a coach. I was seeking a coach that has a sports mindset or who had a background in being a sports coach. I especially wanted this characteristic because these individuals know how to help people with controlling their thoughts, pushing themselves, and breaking past the barriers that stop them from reaching the next level. Therefore, I was super excited to connect with Ryan about learning about his passion for coaching and his background. I was immediately impressed with his positive mindset, ability to help me receive more clarity and his techniques for helping me to stay on track with reaching my goals – especially with helping me with the inner dialogue that I have with myself.

Since working with Ryan, I have been able to not only develop greater confidence within myself but to push myself further than I thought possible. He has been able to help me with tapping into the greatness within me that I often fail to see, while at the same time letting go of a lot of the negative inner dialogue and limiting beliefs that often hinder me in my journey in becoming the best version of myself.

Ryan is the ideal coach for anyone who is seeking to become the next best version of themselves. Not only will he help you to become unstoppable in your pursuit of reaching your dreams, but he will also help you develop the self-care and self-love that you need with yourself to handle where you are going in the process. He is genuine, kind, and an overall wonderful human being. I highly recommend his coaching to anyone who is seeking to be inspired and to tap into their greatness!”

Ashley M. Williams

“I’d highly recommend Ryan to people who need to get out of their own way. During our time together Ryan help me cut through the noise and imposters syndrome when it came to planning my business and how I wanted to show up as a content creator. He was able to help me with maximizing opportunities and encouraged me to go beyond my limits. Ryan’s a very supportive and responsive coach who will also call you on your bullshit when needed.”
Deirra Footman

“I approached Ryan because I was in need of someone who was going to be an unbiased, no-nonsense third party in helping me achieve some goals I had dragged my feet on. He helped me break down what I needed to in order to achieve a larger goal I had in mind and kept me accountable with the regular check-ins we had scheduled, this was huge and allowed me to refocus each and every week to build on my progress.

The result was that I ended up finishing my book which to this day I’m still very proud of and hope that it continues to help those that are starting their career in software engineering. I found the whole coaching experience to be really enjoyable because I was able to bounce ideas off of someone who wasn’t going to “yes” me to death, having push back on ideas and being able to refine them in real time is invaluable.

I would definitely recommend Ryan to those who have big, hairy, audacious goals and would like to stick to the plan and work it consistently with someone in your corner that is going to help you every step along the way. Ryan is your guy to help you get those goals done!”

Wellington Johnson

“Before starting my own company, I’d only worked at large, publicly run F500 companies, so building & running a successful small business was brand new to me. Ryan taught me the ropes: how to think through operations, how to drive new sales, how to continue to move forward in tough situations, and much more. Most importantly, however, Ryan truly believed in me & always had my back. He’s an amazing coach and I give him my highest recommendation.”
Lauren Cooney

“I approached Ryan because I heard Angie Jones singing his praises, and since I have great respect for what Angie has achieved professionally over the last year or so I decided that I wanted some of that too!

Ryan helped me by helping me to see what my real career goals are, and helping me to formulate a plan that suits me in order to get there. Most importantly, regular updates with him encourage me to keep making weekly progress on my goals rather than simply slipping back into worrying about the day-to-day things right in front of my face. The result is I’m making progress on a project I started over five years ago. I finally understand why I want to do it and how it’s good for me, and I’ve really enjoyed working on it the last month. I’ve made significantly more progress than I ever dreamed possible!

One thing I like is the coaching is tailored to me personally. Not just my goals, but the way I work with Ryan, the way he talks to me and motivates me. It’s not a cookie cutter approach it’s completely personalized. 

I found the experience made me realize what I actually like about my professional and personal life, and helped me to focus not just on the things that are “Good” for me, but the things I WANT to do. I’m enjoying my work much more than I have for a while, and I’ve also made more progress on lots of small things in my non-work life that were being ignored but grinding me down.

I would recommend Ryan to people who need to find the joy in their profession (or life!). Yes, he helps to push me further, but since I’ve always pushed myself hard that’s not what I needed. What I needed was someone who gives me permission to work on things I enjoy, not simply grind out progress.”

Trisha Gee

“Working with Ryan has been a phenomenal experience. We started to work together when I was changing jobs to a role I wasn’t sure I could excel. Ryan helped me to lean into my strengths and see that career goals I previously thought impossible were totally achievable with the right structure in place.

Ryan helped me not only build that short-term structure but also start thinking longer-term. The result is that I started to make an impact in my new role within weeks and, a few months into the role had senior management comment on how I had far exceeded all expectations they had of me and could be eligible for promotion. I loved how every step of the way was adapted to balance the needs of my job along with those of my family. I never felt like I was pushed too far or that any unrealistic expectations were set.

The whole experience started a fire in me that isn’t going out. I now realize the potential I have and I’m not afraid to go out there and unlock it. I would recommend Ryan to anyone who knows what they want to achieve in their career but needs help kickstarting the process.”

Heather Reid

“I approached Ryan because I asked Angie Jones how she was getting so much done! She told me she had a coach and the rest is history! Ryan helped me get focused on my most important targets. Once they we in place, we co-created the actions to help me hit them. The result is I now have a method to achieve my objectives in a structured way. Since I’ve been working with Ryan I’ve managed to execute on some training for my side-hustle and win some work, become a keynote speaker and double my salary in my day job (and I’m not finished yet!).

One thing I liked was taking the multitude of aspirations from all over the place, throwing out the less important ones and then designing actions and routines to achieve the ones that were left. I found the experience tough but rewarding. It’s not easy letting some ambitions go! But it’s the only way to move the needle on the most impactful goals.

I would recommend Ryan to people who need to start finishing and stop starting! “

Vernon Richards

“I am SO glad I discovered Ryan through Twitter. I was ready to make some important changes in my career and Ryan was the perfect coach to help me with that transition! This was my first time working with a coach and I honestly didn’t know what to expect but oh boy was I blown away by working with Ryan!

First of all, I appreciate how simple, organized, and effective his onboarding process was. He kept me accountable and challenged the way I thought about myself and my in-demand skillset. Ryan always responded to my messages and helped me brainstorm new ideas to increase my income. Whenever I got stuck or started overthinking, he would remind me of my goals and help me see things clearly.

Ryan is not only a coach, he is a cheerleader, motivator, connector, and supportive friend. I would highly recommend Ryan to people who are ready to level up in their career, want to generate a new stream of income but don’t know where to start or if you need an accountability partner to encourage you to execute on your big ideas/dreams.”

Grace MacJones

“I started working with Ryan at a time when I was in the process of making major changes to my business model. I was a bit stuck and needed a sounding board to bounce off my ideas and also give me fresh perspectives; the coaching session with Ryan did that for me. He listened attentively to me and shared invaluable tips and strategies. With the clarity gained, I have now taken some necessary first steps and I look forward to even more gains. I would recommend the coaching session to any entrepreneur looking for a coach.”
MarieAnne Atim

“I worked with Ryan at a critical point in the evolution of Cake Ventures. I needed laser focus and accountability to execute on several big projects. Ryan is a great coach to work with for anyone who needs to GSD and execute on big initiatives.”
Monique Woodard

“They say ‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears’, and Ryan came into my sphere exactly when I needed him the most. I started selling eBooks without any idea of turning it into a business, but as my products sold that’s exactly what happened. I needed an advisor who could help me step out of my comfort zone, try new things, while maintaining a laser focus on my goals. Ryan did just that; our weekly meetings taught me something new about marketing, business operations, and management. During our time together, I turned my “side hustle” into a business, got podcast speaking engagements, and eventually launched a new product line. He genuinely cares about his clients and when he says he is available, he means it. I continue to approach my business asking myself, ‘What would Ryan do?’ because his coaching framework yields positive results. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a coach!”
Stephanie Morillo

“I would recommend Ryan to people who need who need to get out of their own way. I found myself second-guessing thing and trying to make everything perfect. Ryan is the accountability partner I need to make sure I get things done. Since working with Ryan my mindset has changed and my business revenue has grown 3x.”
Karmen Kendrick

“I approached Ryan because a colleague and friend, whom I greatly admire, started showing up in a different way at work. More confident, more assured in her space and full of new truth that was blowing me away. I clearly needed some of what she was getting and her answer “oh, Coach Ryan!”

Ryan helped me at a pivotal time in my career when I was facing a crossroads and some real change at my organization. I couldn’t see my path or my worth, and he helped me find both. Our sessions kept me focused, grounded and gave me space to navigate and process new challenges, all while pushing me to step out of my lane and challenge myself.

The result was keeping my sanity and a sense of personal empowerment that I used to solidify what I wanted and needed as a professional. That led me to a new job opportunity at the type of company I was targeting.

I particularly appreciate how Ryan made me feel seen. His brand of coaching used not only his superpowers, but mine too and that is powerful.

I’d recommend Ryan to anyone who needs to get out of their own way, hear some truth, all while having a champion in their corner.”

Sandi Campbell

“I would recommend Ryan to people who need to get out of their own way and push through the mental barriers holding them back from leveling up. Ryan has a way of getting to the core of a barrier and helping you move forward with actionable steps.”
Karima Williams

“I would recommend Ryan to people who need guidance and clarity on their life purpose. He helped to instill in me a greater sense of ownership not only for my brand, but for me as a person. Through him I was able to better recognize how powerful I really am as a creative and how my unique skills, resources and work ethic can drive me towards real success. In a sense he helped me to wake up out of the pattern of needless demoralizing and unnecessary self-deprecation to realize the reality that I have everything I need. His approach is incredible for people who feel like they can’t get out of their own way–i highly recommend working with Ryan if you’re ready to break out the box!”

Tatiana King Jones

“Ryan is a phenomenal coach! In a single session, he helped me get to a startling level of clarity on how to approach my new project, helping me refine the core concept, create a plan to execute, and serve my clients in bold new ways. Do yourself a favor and work with Ryan. He’ll help you get out of your own way!”
Elizabeth Burrows

“Ryan helped me to optimize my talents by creating 6 new digital products. These digital products allowed me to build out a more effective sales funnel which helps me to make money in my sleep. Most importantly Ryan helped me to transform my money mindset and truly charge my worth for these digital products. I would recommend him to anyone ready to level up in their business and personal lives.”
Bianca Tatum