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You do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. I’m a help-first guy who invests into others because a rising tide really does raise all ships. I optimize people. One of my superpowers as an Accountability + Growth Coach is helping other people organize and prioritize their goals, so they can do less of what they’re not good at, and focus more on their superpowers.

When I jump, it’s a cannonball and going to the bottom of the pool kinda jump. I’ll give you a real-life example: I adopted two of my nephews in 2010. I practice what I preach, and in business I follow that same mentality.

I’ve had startups….and failed at startups….
I have a background in marketing and online advertising, and I was pretty good…
I’ve gotten more jobs from people I’ve never met IRL than most….

And the single common denominator throughout it all is my ability to truly connect via communications and effectively lead by example as a master motivator. I speak to you in your language, and I enjoy asking tough questions; that’s a hell of a mixture of ingredients for success.

I really enjoy talking. I really enjoy motivating. I really enjoy lists. And I learned at a very young age active listening is a hell of a cheat code.

When I was a kid, was I an above average athlete? Yep. Even on dates to this date I don’t let her win…ever. But want to know what else I was? I was a kid who played by organizing his toys from largest to smallest, ROYGBIV.

Order, control, cleanliness, preciseness…it’s just how my brain has always worked.

I derive my happiness as an Accountability + Growth Coach from helping other people level-up. I get a level of enjoyment out of other people’s successes that isn’t easy to describe. I imagine being an empath has a lot to do with it, but I win when you win. Hashtag, #allthefacts.