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Day #1, Launch Day: Practice what you Preach

by | May 1, 2020 | Blog posts, Coaching

May 1st, 2020…..the day Cox Coaching’s website was officially launched. Sure, it’s just version 1 of a website that has aspirations to have #allthethings. Sure, it’s just a website. But there is something about putting your stake in the ground on the Internet that makes days like today feel a special kind of well, special. This was something that had been in the works for almost 16 months, but things happen outside of your control that squarely smack you in the face with a decision:

Make something happen, or fold up and become ‘excuse guy’ on social media.

Your professional career might feel like an ongoing string of code of if/then statements: If this happens, then I’ll do this. I know that in hindsight, even as the brash entrepreneurial guy, mine sure felt like that. Well guess what? That means that you’re always locked-in to reactionary mode, which is a mode you should have in your arsenal, not the one you spend the lion’s share of your time in. Reactionary isn’t a mode you can invest energy + effort into and expect to see a high success rate of ROI.

Take Control of Your Chessboard

What can you do to be proactive? How can YOU control the pieces of the chessboard? I’ve often said to anyone that will listen to me: Doing what I do now, it doesn’t feel like work. I could do Coaching for 14 hours a day and it never feels like a job. That’s pretty special. That’s what I hope you feel too, or if you don’t, maybe you’ll give me a ping one day to see how we can get you on the path to feeling that one day.

I had always been great at holding other people accountable, speaking truths into their lives, being a master motivator, having #realtalk before “real-talk” became a thing…..I enjoyed being the center of a system and someone people counted on. I enjoyed being proficient at active-listening. Fuck, I just enjoyed being around people. So if I always liked all of these things, then why did it take so damn long for me to find something I loved to do?

I don’t have a good answer for you.

Neither does that celebrity you swear speaks for God. Neither does that person you follow on Twitter that seems to be printing money. Their success isn’t yours, their path isn’t either. So let me be the perfect example for you….even as someone that had all of the signs staring them in the face for 10+ years, you don’t always see it. Call it timing, call it whatever you want, but screw all of the “why’s”, you got there. The other stuff doesn’t fucking matter. It just doesn’t. You got there, no good wasting time crying over spilled milk, right?

Aggressive AF Launch Month of May

So I’m thrilled to have a launch day. It feels really really damn good to have Day #1 under my belt. And I have a really aggressive May launch month calendar, because hell, it’s Ryan, did you expect anything less?

  • ‘My Biggest Struggle I Overcame’ blog series. Where I talk with other successful entrepreneurs and business owners about something they struggled to overcome and what they learned from it. Some I helped, some I didn’t – but the lessons learned are ones we should all have a reference point for.
  • My newsletter. My first freebie giveaway is going to be me talking about #savethebabies. A productivity hack that will make you more efficient and create a better system for attacking your goals.
  • A couple live-help sessions where we help someone tackle an immediate accountability, productivity or mindset hurdle they’re facing.
  • Laptop stickers and t-shirt swag.

I couldn’t have had a launch day with a ton of people, and from a website perspective that’s Karmen Kendrick. She’s an amazing developer, sorry Karmen Web Designer + Strategist. She’s great at the development side, but her keen eye for design and a best-in-class understanding of systems and processes for procuring sales is truly next level. She’ll get your site RIGHT.

Thanks for checking out the website. Thanks for reading. I appreciate you more than even a wordsmith like me will ever be able to accurately explain. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Hope you’ll keep coming back. Hope something I say will help you become more successful. I live by this motto: A rising tide raises all ships. My ‘North Star’ is helping other people level-up and become more successful.

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Ryan Cox is an Accountability Coach that drives success through prioritizing goals, creating actionable steps, and holding you accountable.